Thursday, 25 October 2012

Must Develop More Adventures

Fulgurant lights disrupt dark nights
with self-prescribed flights to dizzy heights.
Infelicitous brushes in split second rushes,
her face flushes and you match her blushes.
The beat fades in a decrescendo fueled daze
and euphoria invades your formerly stoic ways.
Arpeggio blips guide your introspective trips,
and all perspective rips when it hits your lips.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Zoom Out

Focus distracts from the bigger picture
and points out all of our greatest flaws
so take a step back, be a blur with me
and follow wherever the lens goes.

Tightrope Act

I've always thought myself an acrobat
but I have been becoming less agile.
When you left me with no landing mat
my fear of falling made me feel fragile.

I've always relied on your safety net
and so I must find more faith in my skill,
realising that doubt is my only threat
I could achieve whatever's in my will.

I'll always have that small voice inside my head
telling me that I can never achieve,
but I'll listen to the angel instead
who's imploring me to always believe.

I will continue to walk those dizzy heights
and focus on futures rather than frights.