Monday, 28 April 2014

Sunshine Under Lock

The morning mist
makes way for afternoon bliss
that the month must miss.

But the early bloom
and her serotinious moon
cannot come too soon.

The Breadth that Breathes Between Strangers

There is a breadth that breathes
between strangers,
it is what predicates them.

Born in the bloom of hostility
in a dewy-eyed spring,
it bears no rational prejudice.

Yet we send our souls to slaughter
of stuffy summer petulance;
even a breadth can be confining.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Floating Above Water

You approached like a red balloon
against the cerulean sky,
carving your certain way through the clouds
to catch my  sun-spotted eye.

I tried to avoid your burning gaze
hearing of the damage that could be done
but nervous glances downwards met
the placid reflection of the sun.

My tense disposition knew one way
to maintain an amiable shade,
so I smiled into the ripples
of all the paths that I have made.

Then I stretched up on to my toes
reaching your form with a pin,
and hearing the pop I closed my eyes
to immerse myself within.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Above the Motorway

I see vehicles parked on bridges over motorways.
I wonder if it's an unmarked police car
measuring the velocity of careless crimes
or a lost soul contemplating their final act.

I'm sickened at which my instincts would prefer.


The dissonant swarms
are surrounding again
inside my head.
Inside my head,
swarming my thoughts,
they surround me again.
Where can I escape
when they are in me?
I can't escape
this part of me.
Each snapping jaw drones
and my neck snaps to look.
I'm lost again
back in my self dug rut.