Friday, 31 August 2012

Let Angels Uncover Riddles' Answers

Red wine lips and chalk-white skin,
ocean blue eyes draw me in.
Velvet voice and sugar smile,
chocolate hair in such sleek style.

I can't remember where your tongue had traced
nor where your long legs limbered off to
but I can't forget your delicate taste
or my delicate thoughts of me and you.

I still search for that dream in my sleep
where you are here and mine to keep.

Careworn Comfort

The old faces, so fresh and full of verve
greet my heavy head, haggard and harrowed.
I cannot tell if we've drifted apart
or if our separate paths have narrowed.

Their visage is a taunting reflection
of everything that I could have been,
a diagram of my distancing dreams
with labels pointing out things I've not seen.

But if I start to look past the facade
I see they're just a ghost in a jester's attire,
their smile extends either side of their jaw
but it isn't matched where their eyes lie higher.

So I'm quite content to be rugged and rough
because my honest form is comfort enough.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012



Orange hum.


Close as can be.

Tigers dancing in the sky.

Snowflakes in Mid-July.

Sleeping pills.

Burst apart.




Personality is predictability.


Sense is subjective.








                                                               Ask you.


The most repulsing things seem resplendent
for these 51 seconds of fermenting filth,
as my subconscious sleeps with my surroundings
and my mind is a meditating mindfield.

Eyes snap open.
I'm awake.

Rain down, beads of melted wax,
let it soak into my skin.
Rain down, prior perceptions
let me eat myself from within.

I have a lust for this drowsy dance.
I long for this lagging learning.
I want connection to this cause.

You are not that which I am
but I am not that which you're not,
let us tie our better halves together
and be happy with our lot.

Why am I burning?
It's coming.
Why am I drowning?
What's coming?
Why am I alive?
I'm here.

The first time.

I miss people I haven't yet met.
I remember things which haven't yet happened.
I am sure of things I do not yet know.
I have visited myself for the very first time.
It's okay, you're safe now.
I'm here.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Great Retreat

You teased my curtains
with your fingertips.
You let the rays of light
kiss your tender lips.

I cried for more time
in your cradling arms
but life has deadlines
past the snooze of alarms.

And so I went back
to my sorry sleep
where I'm free to dream
of something real and deep.

I guess it's just fate
which made life this way,
staying up too late
to wake another day...

Before I knew it
my eyes opened wide,
light pouring over me
I had nowhere to hide.

Burned Bishops

Brittle and brisk, like a kiss on your lips,
such sharp sentiments to match the songs.
Clear-cut and crisp, like the depth of my risk,
such languished lyrics reflecting my longs.

Drawn-out and dark, like your clavicle's arc,
I could not retrace where my tips should lie.
Welcomed and warm in a comforting form,
I could only point them straight to the sky.

Piercing and pale, like the point of your stare,
but I could not pick up on their sad shine.
Fearsome and fair, like the sting of your tail,
but I could not look back on things which aren't mine.

I can't control cravings I don't contain
but my burned bishops still play on my brain.

Rolling Raindrop

Raindrop, trickle down my window,
gather all your little friends,
do not stop or slow.

Raindrop, dangle and drip from the cill,
remain so transparently pure,
but let your clinging spill.

Raindrop, melt into the ground,
let the sun turn you into steam,
one day you will be found.

A Life to Pass the Time

Fill space,
fill time,
fill lungs,
fill mind.

Compliment my Colour

You are orange, I am red,
we are close but never wed.
You are violet, I am blue,
my bruises are violent because of you.
You are white, I am black,
you have the purity which I lack.

Sizable Steps

Let it itch, let it heal,
let it burn, let it peel,
let it bend, let it break,
let it hurt, let it ache,
let it pour, let it sting,
let it coil, let it spring.
Rub it red, run it blue,
let me improve, let me renew.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hello Sunshine

Floating freckled smile,
stay with me a while.
Furrow into my fevered bead
and follow where my footsteps lead.

Refulgent orange rays,
shine on all my days.
Highlight every grain of dust
and help my tiring lungs combust.

Requisite sullen shade,
share the air you've made.
Dowse me with your darkest kiss
and let me share your secret bliss.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Losing Sight of Myself

Well oh well oh well oh well
things have changed, can you not you tell?
The gaps have grown,
the lines have faded.
I'm still alone
and feeling jaded.
My youth has been spent
and I'm out of cash.
I fear where I went
became a car-crash.

Dear oh dear oh dear oh dear
I hope another change is near.
I'm tiring fast
and becoming slow
I can't outlast
those fears I don't know.
So I should delve deep
and understand me,
both those fears I keep
and the dreams I see.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Running From/To

I could get into a good position
but then I would let the world pass me by.
My intentions never reach fruition
because I'm afraid of crossing the line.

I have much talent that I've buried deep
and it's so frustrating to slow my pace.
I cannot rely on a pair of feet
that do not believe they can cross this race.

I am hoping that time will make me strong
and I'll no longer have a need to roam,
then I'll find that which I had all along
and regard the ribbon's embrace as my home.

...but 'til then I will run and run and run,
and when I have stopped I can say that I've won.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not One For Small-Talk

I don't care about the lovely weather.
I don't care how your father is.
I don't care what you've been up to.
I don't care how your new hairstyle looks.
I don't care about what's been on TV.
I don't care who I'd never guess had split up.

I wish I didn't have to care about seeming to care.

Monday, 13 August 2012


I tried to cut my hair today
but my curly locks came crawling back.
I tried to force my faults away
but I could not find the will I lack.

I tried to be self-convincing
and tell myself I was in control
but for every part I tried rinsing
away with it went some of my soul.

I tried to be something I'm not
and find perfection which isn't there,
so I'll concentrate on what I've got
and be less concerned with my hair.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

I'm Maturity

Why are we losing that sense of surprise
for subtlety and sensibility,
trying to sustain a serious skin
full of constrained credibility?

Where has my inner child retreated to
with his sudden jolts and his ajar jaw
and why do I seek to be in control
when my future does not belong in my paw?

I have been meaning to roll back the years
to where every sight was something pure
and I could feel no fear about my worth
and taste no guilt about being unsure.

I wish I had an excuse to cry out
to a world I know nothing about.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sorry for the Silence

Forgive a poet who is content
when his pen is dry and words are spent,
when there are no problems to be solved
and no cast of villains to be involved.
Forgive a poet who can freely smile
when he has no troubles to compile,
when his sad songs have carried out their chore
and he does not need them anymore.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Corners and Corneas

Just as I'm gaining a new perspective,
I'm losing sight of another.
I know that I'm turning a corner
but I still feel as lost as I did as a child;
only this time I can recognise the feeling for what it is.
I find some hope in that my future
is looking much clearer than the hazy past I'm leaving behind,
and that my eyes are filled with much more focus.
My eyes are open,
it's a new morning.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Peel it Back

Summer golden
peeling away.
So milky white;
nothing gold can stay.
So shed your skin
to let life fade
and bathe within
the mistakes you've made.

Clean Fun

Habits go out of style
after a while,
and I guess yours do too.
I'll still be there
with new traits to wear
presented in a cleaner hue.
So I'll see you in town
with an OJ to down
and you stick to your JD.
I have not abstained
my want has just waned
and this is no longer for me.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Every Breath

Every breath is an excuse for the next
so please excuse me if I cannot speak.
I'm sure you're pleased to hear that I'm perplexed
and that my will and words have both grown weak.

Every breath is an excuse for my last
so please excuse me if I'm out of breath.
I'm sure you're pleased to hear that I'm aghast
and pondering the details of my death.

Every breath is an excuse for a rest
so please excuse me if my breathing halts.
I'm sure you're pleased to hear I failed my test
and I'm personified by my own faults.

Every breath is one closer to dying
but with every breath I am still trying.