Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Short

I saw darkness
and you
opened my eyes.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Lagoon

There is a beautiful, blue lagoon I know
that is as deep as the oily pupils that draw me in.
Here I have spent many a frescade as spring's knosps vesuviate
and the shock of her gelid grasp makes me vociferate.

The glacial water is a welcome rest from the unsubtle sun
but there is an ominous dread that ripples on her surface
that makes me stop short and merely dip my timidly trembling toes;
a mutual fear that leaves me feeling exposed.

I hear tales of men being lured by her irrecusable charm,
and falling in to a liquid lysis, never to be seen again.
Yet I know that I'm a strong swimmer, a match for her pernicious pull;
how could such serenity be harmful?

Legend says that the lagoon is so perilous
because she doesn't want those lovers and lazers to leave.
Those fears are allayed by my intense admiration for her gentle tact
and a desire to stay in her loving grasp.

Besides, it is a fact that water is vital
and her dulcifluous drops are the only ones I'd ever long for.
Despite unwarranted worry's repines, her resplendence is a refulgent refuge
that deserves more than a response of a subterfuge.

And so I dive in, with a cerulean coalescion
looking past the caliginous fear to the depths,
and once in, the depths become diaphonous that the eidolon I see
is merely the internecine fear that resonates in me.

My lecanoscopic love will not lacerate my lungs
nor will my constant craving cause kraurosis.
So I ask to madefy my desire to swim, and in turn I shall pacify her fear
hoping that her hesychastic heart shall keep me near.