Monday, 26 November 2012


Brief tilts will not collapse the mould
unless constant and committed
but the final push is all it takes
for a change to be acquitted.

You have no grounds to make a stand
if you lean on unstable walls,
a balance must be maintained
to overcome fear of the fall.

So take the first and hardest step
on the path to being something new,
not to create another persona
but to become the best of you.

Shadow Chase

I watched my shadow stroll across the street
and had to practically beg him to wait for me.
When the morning sun hit its piercing peak,
he waved goodbye and cried "I'm free!"

He gave a leap and clicked his heels
just to emphasize his state of glee
and as I tried to keep up with him
he wandered somewhere I could not see.

I let his pull guide my every step
but he was just as eager to flee,
we reached the coast, he took a dive
and now my shadow is lost at sea.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Put Down

No care for caution
in a casual kind of way,
I strolled into your claws
and had no intentions to stay.
Did I scratch the surface
on your list of demands
or was you waiting to be put down
by my able, willing hands?
I have tried to be fair;
as fair as your features seem,
but the relativity is too delicate
for me to be your childhood dream.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Out of Touch

Depth is defined by the shallow,
for those who drown too much
in the pit of their perceptions
and those who have lost touch.

Out of Reach

When four becomes zero,
when the branches have dissolved,
the leaves have all fallen
and the seasons have evolved
there lingers a whisper,
a faint trace of the past,
a slight hope to hold on to
so we can make moments last
but the butterfly is thinning
and its far from my skin.

You're losing your wings,
I'm losing my grin.

Shepard Tones

Chairs have been sitting on me
with jumping beans flashing green,
just sleep and you will see
I can only live what we can dream.

I'm not sorry for my smile
but my bleary eyes say otherwise,
let us rest for just a while
and we can sing to the sunrise.

Smiles Behind Dustmasks

A forgotten world, so gritty and grim
yet full of the ethics which made us proud.
Thick powders of dust in which you could swim
packed full of the hope which time's not allowed.

I wish to go back to this greyer grass
which I've heard so many stories about
but I'm seeing parallels with out past
and I find the vibes are in their second bout.

Bridged between defamation and delight,
we're in the slog away from recession;
determined to put all our mistakes right
we're in a world of euphoric progression.

And so a bit of squalor makes me smile
knowing the future scenes it could compile.


Guilty grins from across the carriage,
you and I both know
what your boyfriend doesn't
and I'm not one to act upon a simple smile
but I'm curious as to where you'd like to go.

One thing we have got is time;
this could be your stop
or we might get off together,
but all you need is to dare to defy the ticking
with a swift line and location to drop.

So hit me up if you want to hit it off,
and I can tell by your eyes
that you want me more than him;
let's take advantage of a fleeting moment
and see exactly what time buys.