Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Stay in the Light

Monsters exist in the shadows;
and the shadows exist in my mind.
Sometimes the most fearful fabrications
are the one's we're hoping to find.
We're often told to chase our dreams
but not to follow nightmares into the black.
Let the monsters lurk in their dark
and we may find the light we lack.

Chasing Change

I'm waiting for Change to stride through the door.
I'm waiting for her to grip me tensely.
I'm in need of Change shaking me to the core.
I'm in need of urgency immensely.

I hope that she's not as patient as me.
I hope that she is kind and soft with her push.
I hope I'm not irresolute in my plea.
I hope I'm consciously caught by Change's crush.

I'm personifying my own failings
as though I'm the victim of vicious life.
I'm personifying as a veiling
for my own lonely lack of a worthwhile life.

Change will not approach me, nor will she retreat.
Only I have the legs to chase some feat.

Another New Start, Another Sickening Mess

I can't stand the person I'm becoming
I like the alternative even less.
I'm turning from someone I despise
someone I instead detest.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Involuntary Disappearing Act

For my next trick, I will need a volunteer.
You look lovely, tell us what your name is, dear,
tell about your life, make us believe you're real.
Step into the box, I shall make you disappear!

Rest assured, dear audience, she'll be okay.
To another world I'll spirit her away
(but when she comes back, she'll never be the same)
take an awkward bow and fall right off the stage.