Saturday, 22 February 2014


In memory, of the child
who bounced the ball into the field
and though he searched, he realized it would never return.
While the grass and the earth choked it
the child stopped and turned away for ever.

He moved on — It remained.

Self Cycle Reset

The greatest consequence
a lost soul must conquer
is who he has become.

This terrifying notion
keeps me awake all night
til I forget with untroubled sleep.

And I wake up
some three months later
forgetting that I ever existed.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cloud Walker

I dance only with colours
but the world's all black and white;
I laugh a lot in dreams,
but I can't say that of real life.
So I dwell on the threshold
of phantasmagorial bliss
noctambulating my nepheloid nights
with feet rooted in the sun's kiss

Monday, 3 February 2014

Undue Residue

A simulated resonance
echoing in my
A wind chime rusting
in a disintegrating
A crow pecking negatives
in the saran-wrapped
I leak
and we


This morning,
out of boredom more than hunger,
I looked into the cupboard
to find a jar of jalapeños.
Let us not get into the argument
of whether they should be stored
in the cupboard or fridge;
they were unopened
and so warranted no need to be refrigerated
whatever your preference.
Anyway, this inviting jar was labeled
hot and sweet,
and it made me wonder
if I would ever have a jar of jalapeños
to call my own.