Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sea Legs

I gazed as your saliferous hair
slapped upon the sunset rocks
of a sangria sea.

From out of the mist 
my searchlight came
seeking your signal
to close in on the cooling evening.

Yet the waters are too rough,
I am dehydrated
and I have lost my sea legs.

Saturday, 22 April 2017


There's a higher thing
in hyacinths
sprinkled on the lawn.
They remind me of
my love for you;
how it threatened to be overgrown.

How the upkeep would
distress the neighbourhood
if not picked and pruned.
Yet my blistered hands
can no longer stand
to aggravate the wound.

A Terrible Death

I fear not
how it would feel to die
but to lack feeling,
yet I'm self aware
that I'm terribly self aware
and so terrible.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Escaping my Sepulchre

Removing the boulder of your body,
I escaped my sepulchre sequestered,
solivagant against the subterfuge
and the sins and ill will that had festered.

Renascent against the apostasy
in animus that made me ascetic,
I cursed not the boulder that had held me
but rather found forgiveness analgetic.

And such reflections found me less reticent;
regret receded with ruminations
'til I found the ataraxic axiom;
I was thankful for your testing creations

This realisation rendered me removed
from a sorry world that had never improved.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


A jet of afflatus
in my epicurean contemplation of life
as I compose poetry in the shower,
trying to get the perfect balance
of hot and cold,
my fingers webbing from staying in
one spot for too long.

My memory of the words
is swept away in lachryform beads
by the coarse towel's kiss;
grating against horripilated and
humbled flesh,
lost forever with those ephemeral easing
moments of enlightenment.