Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Toppled Queen

Your hesitance kept on showing
whilst my attachment was growing,
we could not find a middle ground.
I had no way of knowing
where this darkened path was going
but I was forlorn with what I'd found.

A new sensation is brewing
with other queens to be pursuing,
I no longer want you to be crowned.
A downfall of your own doing,
and one I hope that you're rueing-
I no longer want you around.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Reaching for the Highest Branch

Life presents us with numerous choices
forced on us by many different situations,
which result in endless outcomes.
The destinations and decisions meant for us are infinite.

Anything in life is possible.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Cheque Your System

I've recently come to the realisation
that nothing in life is comparative,
and things should only be observed
through their individual merits.
Similarly, the value placed upon an object or idea
should be determined by personal worth
rather than a pre-determined structure
based off the ideals of others.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Complex Objects

Plucking perspiration from your prism,
make me feel imprisoned.
Make me plea, make me please.
Force me into frisson.

Putting me firmly into my place,
manipulate the pace.
Make it swift, make me shift.
Force my heart to race.

Attention Seeker

I am an attention seeker of the very worst kind.
I want it in the purest form.
I want to make you feel warm
and cause you elation.
I want admiration
which would make me blush
I don't want to be a fleeting brush
in the back of your mind.

Piece Becomes the Player

I've been slipping away from you
but your strings have pulled my back.
Attached so tightly to my chest,
they possess the strength I lack.

I could not bear to be the pawn
that is forced to make your moves,
I could not be the sacrifice
which your cunning game removes.

It's about time I removed myself
and focused upon my own play,
keeping an eye on the options
which present themselves day by day.


At just 21 I feel like mutton
when I took for granted being the lamb,
but people much older still pull it off
whilst they are giving much less of a damn.

I'm starting to rediscover my spring legs
but I'm wondering how long they will last,
if they'll buckle at a heavy future
or succumb to the build up of the past.

At least for now I'm happy in my wool
and I hope that it will endure the cold,
no longer content to follow the herd
I will not let my identity be sold.

To you, I may just be another sheep
but I still have my own values to keep.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Lost Leaf

Lost souls get sucked into some self-convincing conformity,
where they can say only what's sanctioned by their scene,
until their outline is blurred within the vast enormity
of each vapid shell which has built this bland machine.

Do you know who you are?
Is your brain a work of art?
Is every stroke calculated
to play some bigger part?

My own lost soul blows about in the blundering breeze
and I can consciously call myself no better than the rest,
unsure of which situation or section I ought to appease
the only difference is, I am not content with my nest.

Do you know who you are?
Is your brain a work of art?
Is every stroke calculated
to play some bigger part?