Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The most repulsing things seem resplendent
for these 51 seconds of fermenting filth,
as my subconscious sleeps with my surroundings
and my mind is a meditating mindfield.

Eyes snap open.
I'm awake.

Rain down, beads of melted wax,
let it soak into my skin.
Rain down, prior perceptions
let me eat myself from within.

I have a lust for this drowsy dance.
I long for this lagging learning.
I want connection to this cause.

You are not that which I am
but I am not that which you're not,
let us tie our better halves together
and be happy with our lot.

Why am I burning?
It's coming.
Why am I drowning?
What's coming?
Why am I alive?
I'm here.

The first time.

I miss people I haven't yet met.
I remember things which haven't yet happened.
I am sure of things I do not yet know.
I have visited myself for the very first time.
It's okay, you're safe now.
I'm here.

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