Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scratched Vinyl

How is an individual defined;
by their actions or consequential reactions?
When the scenes have run
they cannot be undone
and your hand is forced to be aligned.

How is an individual designed;
to focus on one attraction or allow distractions?
To seek out some fun
and remember that one,
but it's too late when you're already intertwined.

Your love is a scratched vinyl
and the flawed echo seems final,
I must pull the needle away.
The beauty will always be there
but it's fruitless to repair
a record that has had its day.

So let the record fade out
or swear your song is devout
and give it another try.
But it will soon become clear
if the words have been sincere
with the last note's solemn sigh.

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