Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scratched Vinyl

How is an individual defined;
by their actions or consequential reactions?
When the scenes have run
they cannot be undone
and your hand is forced to be aligned.

How is an individual designed;
to focus on one attraction or allow distractions?
To seek out some fun
and remember that one,
but it's too late when you're already intertwined.

Your love is a scratched vinyl
and the flawed echo seems final,
I must pull the needle away.
The beauty will always be there
but it's fruitless to repair
a record that has had its day.

So let the record fade out
or swear your song is devout
and give it another try.
But it will soon become clear
if the words have been sincere
with the last note's solemn sigh.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Defeatist Design

I cannot allow defeat to defeatism,
so I'll defeat my demons instead.
I must beat the feeling I'm already beaten
or face giving up my soul to the dead.

Yet death is something conclusive,
and it is finality I have always wanted.
If I could see the plans in their clear contrast
I would not feel so damned and daunted.

If I could capture every mistaken moment
like some embarrassing polaroid snap,
the details might be free to observe at will
but more dwelling would not prevent their mishap.

So conclusion is something of a fairweather friend
which falsely shows up at the end;
maybe I'm better to be beaten by the dark,
for on the dark I can always depend...

A Tug of War Between Hope and Despair

Take me,
leave me alone,
throw me away,
throw me a bone.
Make me feel used,
make me feel new,
just let me be
or let me be with you.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Caught on the Path

Sometimes I treat my body like a temple;
others like a junkie's den.
It's like I'm caught on the path between the two.
I guess
(either way),
I'll bump into Jesus sooner or later.

A Long Walk with Nowhere to Go

The butter moon melts a path into the silky streets
to guide along uneasy feet.
With no-one to meet and nowhere to go
I keep my pace unreasonably slow.
With food for thought, my stomach is full
and I'm sick of feeling this constant pull,
too timid to push, I simply resist
in the hope that in absence I may be missed.
I find comfort in the plots of my dreams
where everything is just slightly different than it seems,
and this altered state is what keeps my blistered feet going
on to a future that I am scared of knowing.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I'll be your rock
if you'll be my hard place
and we'll find ourselves stuck
between the grim and your grace.

I'll be your escape
if you'll keep me trapped,
the more difficult you make it,
the more I'll adapt.

I'll be your rock
if you'll be my hard place
and we'll find ourselves stuck
between the grim and your grace.

Cold Truth

Watery eyes look up at star clad skies.
How beautiful you look tonight.
Oh, what I'd give to join you.
Oh, what I'd give to die.
They say that fear prevents the final act
and that it is in friends where we reflect
but continuing shows more cowardice,
to live with within comfortable fact.
So I take one step outside my comfort zone
and follow where my feather feet are blown.
I see no solace in my ice-cold stare.
I realised I was alone.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Caught Mid-Float

What is this illimitable cage
that we let our logic blow around in?
Like a candy wrapper in the wind;
full of youthful innocence,
devoid of the sweet joy inside.
Let us be more than a litter of letters.
Where will the wind stop?
Where will those those thoughts land
which, at present, seem so far from home?
Are we bounded by the concrete coasts
of our solid skulls
or is the oceanic air
enough to take us across to new wonders?
Leave me to float aimlessly
for as long as necessary,
but please let me finally land
at a place I can call home.


Carpenter, fix my wooden wings
and teach me how to fly.
Guide me away from hazy clouds,
but leave me in the sky.
Oh Lord, let my runway be clear
for when I touch the ground.
Let my journey be smooth and safe,
pray don't let me be downed.
Jesus, give me the stength to roam
but not to stray too far.
Keep me within your larger plans,
and remind me who we are.