Saturday, 1 October 2016


The breeze would gladly meet
her hesitant feet
as they cross and reach to the end.
Like great grinning teeth
the waves and rocks greet,
waiting to embrace their new friend.
Her earbuds dangle at her chest
faintly exhaling their best
eulogy for their oldest of friends.
She would feel blessed
to ride on that crest,
but that's not how this song ends.

She would see no hope
in that dangling rope
that offered to pull her to land.
Nor would she cope
with the strain of the grope
or the embarrassment of stretching her hand.
She'd wait for clouds to part,
her favourite song to start,
and then steady her now trembling hands.
Then she would brace her heart
and finally alone, she'd depart
thinking "This is living" as she lands.

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