Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Home is where the heart is
or so I have been told
but it isn't the ones out on the streets
whose hearts are empty and cold.
Hungry and not heartless
not harmful, but hurting;
so their heinous criminalisation
is more than disconcerting.
And yet they're swept away
like empty cider cans,
dropped by ones not labelled for addictions;
dropped by privileged hands.
No-one's there to pick them up,
 they all just walk straight past
for they degrade this depressing city
and are looked upon as trash.
But don't throw them away,
recycling needs some sorting;
for every sorry state we find a use
with the right supporting.
See a can? Pick it up!
Put it where it belongs -
we should be looking for the good we can do,
not ignoring all that's wrong.

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