Friday, 10 February 2012


Back when we were just two small-minded teens
I watched that young girl I used to know die.
Giving no thought to what your eyes light means
I never considered questioning why.

For the next few years you were just a ghost,
present but unnoticed in another world
and in my own place I was too engrossed
to notice you weren't the same wide-eyed girl.

Two years ago I was sure that I saw you
but I didn't believe that you were real
and so I looked at your face and stared right through
unaware of what you'd later make me feel.

Lately I have been haunted by your eyes
and I was reminded of that girl I knew
but as I looked closer I realised
that the person you are is completely new.

You have been brought back to Earth as a saint
and I've never before seen such beauty
as that which both your body and soul paints
as though dispersing joy is your duty.

Your eyes radiate a brilliant blue
and the smile that goes with them just as fair,
the light emitted shows that you are true
and I can feel the warmth that shows you care.

Your figure must be sculpted by the divine
for I have never seen one quite so unflawed
and to think that you'd ever be mine
leaves me feeling both humbled and awed.

Your skin feels so silky soft to touch
but softest of all is your kind heart
and I feel so dizzy when within your clutch;
yours is a hold I never want to depart.

It feels like our souls are intertwined,
like we are bound by some blissful fate.
We share many traits and are of the same mind
and I'm astonished with how well we relate.
Now, you are neither that girl nor that ghost
but an angel who has taken my heart
for you are what I want and need the most
and I hope that this bond should not fall apart.

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