Monday, 23 April 2012

No Pleasing Some People

My aspirations get me down more than they fill me with hope
because they make me feel so unaccomplished,
and I know I would not cope
if I ever tried to achieve them
because I do not believe them.
And really, it's no wonder that I feel so depressed
when it is embedded into my messed up mindset,
sadness always suits me best
so why try to alter
a feeling that won't falter.
But most of these days, I don't even have anything sad
that I can hold on to like some token scar,
and hey it's not that bad;
sometimes I wish that it could be,
it seems that's how I should be.
The truth is, I would love to write a brokenhearted song
but I'm not sure a love strong enough to break my heart
will ever come along,
and so I'll just be happy with my lot
when not a lot is all I've got.

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