Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to my Mind

I'm writing down all of my problems
so that I don't have to say them out loud;

1. I do not earn enough money to achieve the lifestyle I wish to have.
2. I lack the effort and time achieve the lifestyle I wish to have.
3. Aside from a select few friends,
who I don't get to see as much as I would like,
I am disillusioned by society.
4. I crave a stable relationship,
but any situation where I could potentially meet a girl
is one where they would highlight their moral ambiguity
and I am very particular about how people should act in a proper manner.
5. It is expected of me to be more uncouth,
afterall I am only young,
but to think of being that person sickens me
and as young as I may be, I am sure of who I am.
6. I take life, and myself,
far too seriously.
7. I feel I have nothing to offer society,
and although I frequently show potential,
I fear I will always be not quite good enough.
8. I lack the focus required to succeed
in my far too numerous ambitions.
9. I am always craving more,
and so I feel I will never be completely happy with what I have.
10. If I display my sadness, I am met with contempt rather than concern.
11. I am a mess, and I am running out of time to put that right.

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