Friday, 25 May 2012

City Expectations

flashy gaffs
beside broken bottle paths,
whoever said it's all in location?
Grubs needing baths
give out their drunken laughs
whilst they enjoy temporary probation.
Teen yobs coming off buses
shout out some meagre cusses
to the bulldog tattoo'd man,
but when he calls them pussies
they act like wussies,
oh how fast they ran!
The confetti litter
flies in a flitter
with the gentle breeze.
The man, much fitter
passes his friend, the quitter,
rushing past in relative ease.

The dog walkers, the pram talkers
the drug takers, the money makers,
the inspired writers, the street fighters,
the pleasant smilers, the grafitti defilers,
the sunbathers, the popular wavers,
the sliders, the swingers
the shy hiders, the loud singers.

Everyone lives up to image
placed upon them by the past,
portrayed through stereotypes
by a group of masks typecast.
Everyone can be the image
that they intend to resemble,
so do not accept the pieces
of bad habits you could assemble.

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