Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Behind the Twinkle

Oh how brightly the stars shine tonight-
or at least, as bright as they would at any other stage;
if anything, they grow ever-dim with their age
but we notice their twinkle most in the darkest light.

Yet I can't help but be enthralled by their glow,
finding beauty in their delicate distance,
a colossal call to capture coexistence
and to cling onto the radiance we already know.

Because in reality they are just balls of gas
burning in some place unbeknownst to us
and we ourselves are just life that overdoes
introspection on our atmosphere's astonishing impasse.

So let us see things for how they truly are
and not place pedestals for a pleasantry so plain,
when you view beauty as a reality mundane
you will start seeing a star as just a star.

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