Friday, 26 April 2013

Possum Sun

Her golden hair dances in the tempestuous lake,
brought alive by the imploring roar of the wind
but before there's a chance to soak in her radiance
a hoary grey grip pushes her head into the icy depths.
Grassy hills veil the area like crime-scene tape,
whilst nosey sheep gnaw on the latest news
and as she raises a helpless hand, grasping for land
she fails again under the smothering sun slayer.
Fearing that she will never be seen again,
I take shelter in the trees whilst his force surrounds the area
looking to cover all traces and remove any witness,
even the sky seems to cry in despair.
Yet as the dark assassin seems satisfied with his work
and leaves behind the spoils of his strong squeeze,
the sun emerges unscathed from behind the hill where she hid
and with a wink, extends her love to the chilled spectators.

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