Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolution

The universe becomes differentiated by day and cohesive by night.
Walls convolute into cloud
rather than clear figments of colour and orchestration.
Night is the synthesis, the absolute plan in its final form.
Solidarity of darkness awaits us
when human life has blinked out with no more left to offer.
Why then progress?
To know an end of darkness (a finality) is better, to some,
than to flounder in flux for eons and ages.
People who spend so long searching
just have to look when the corpse of day rises before the eyes—
it raises nightmares because it tells us of what is unification.
Unification is the constancy of dullness.
Unification is such an unsightly concept.
We want a human whole working in tandem together.
That is unsightly.
It denies that the world consists of an autumn:
vivacious leaves scattering in a tempest of close to no significance.
That is why we are taken by sleep in darkness,
because when faced with Unification
we turn away into the splendor of our own minds.
We want the time after the splitting of the tongues.
We are made for divergence.
But now I know that being human, a seeker of divergence,
is an ungodly chore of wasting.
A painter who paints constantly without rest
just to pull his eyes away from the terror of a blank canvas; the horror vacui.

This year I will reach a resolution
that transcends small fallible goals of self-improvement.
I want and will be unified with darkness and maybe a finality will be reached.
I hope.

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