Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Second Storm

There was a storm in heaven.
The clouds were rearranged.
The sinners blew through open gates,
whilst the angels were scattered and estranged.

The lord could not recall
which souls he intended to keep.
So he handed the nearest man a brush
and in trust told him to sweep.

It was Satan who took the tool
and he did exactly as God had asked.
He swept away all signs of sin,
took his thanks and then unmasked.

The lord was irascible in his wrath
that he had let the devil deceive,
but Satan said "It is you who lied-
I repent and you reward no reprieve!".

And so it was, heaven dared no more clouds
to bring a storm again.
But the fallen angel has righteous reason
to return with flames of rain.

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