Saturday, 27 April 2013

Take it as Gospel

Jesus was the saviour of my soul
before I understood what religion meant.
I read his message on a church billboard
and got lost in thought about the time I'd spent.
It didn't convince me to go to church
or to use the Bible as my guide,
but it reminded me of the love I have
and to extend this warmth I hold inside.
It assured me that despite my wrongs
I have done no more sin than any other man would.
Through every wrong turn I have done another,
I have provided many others with so much good.
Now I'm determined to focus on positivity
and ensuring that my rights outweigh my wrongs.
I won't be reciting every hymn off by heart
but I will resemble my actions to their songs.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Possum Sun

Her golden hair dances in the tempestuous lake,
brought alive by the imploring roar of the wind
but before there's a chance to soak in her radiance
a hoary grey grip pushes her head into the icy depths.
Grassy hills veil the area like crime-scene tape,
whilst nosey sheep gnaw on the latest news
and as she raises a helpless hand, grasping for land
she fails again under the smothering sun slayer.
Fearing that she will never be seen again,
I take shelter in the trees whilst his force surrounds the area
looking to cover all traces and remove any witness,
even the sky seems to cry in despair.
Yet as the dark assassin seems satisfied with his work
and leaves behind the spoils of his strong squeeze,
the sun emerges unscathed from behind the hill where she hid
and with a wink, extends her love to the chilled spectators.

The Crimson Sea

Here the crimson sea flows chilled
and washes sand and stone with dread;
the veins have broken here and filled
with waves of blood and seas of red
a chasm grand of bone and sinew,
dead where once was breath and sight,
laid robbed of all but maggot-tissue,
festering islands in rotten light.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Leave No Trace!

Soft footsteps struggled to circumvent
the fragile signs of life on foliage floor,
brushing and crushing wherever they went,
their well-natured presence was hard to ignore.

Yet they did try their best to show quiet care
and keep disturbance slight as they explore,
to leave the land as if they were never there
taking back with them what they had first bore.

They saw others had not shown the same thought
with disturbed nests where a wild fire had roared
and labyrinths of litter where small paws are caught,
confusing creatures with the liquid they pour.

People complain when disasters occur
but when we disturb nature, her revenge is fair!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wandering into Wonder

Wire and thorns surround her heart
and I'm longing to find my way inside,
but with no entrance or footpath to find
I'm left to ponder what mystery she hides.

Does the steely wall of mismatched rock
exist to contain secrets to herself
or is it to invite the bravest in,
putting their wonder above their health?

I step over the barbed line of defense
and into the place where I feel most at home
and although I can see there's no-one around
my senses make me feel far from alone.

She is my heart, my fingertips and my spine
and I feel like a king so high in her pine.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Poor Foal

A young foal bounds about
in the green pastures of youth.
Playfully racing the April sun,
it trys to beat the rays to the end of the green
as though dreaming of one day
becoming the speediest stallion.
Yet it strikes me
-ironically, as it will strike this poor beast-
that it is not a sense of achievement
which inspires its young legs to bound
but the cruel whip of life
which forces progress.

A Journey, of sorts...

A soggy cigarette butt glides through stroboscopic sunspots,
pushed back from the destination intended by its flicking fingers.
It ambles slowly, floats
against a concrete barrier that stops large things
from entering the sewer.
It cannot find a small gap to sift through,
and kissing the leftmost jutting concrete tooth,
it flees the gaping mouth of sewage
and comes to rest on a riverbank.


They say that harmony
is harming me,
that it drags me from society.
But recently
nature's company
keeps me living happily.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Behind the Twinkle

Oh how brightly the stars shine tonight-
or at least, as bright as they would at any other stage;
if anything, they grow ever-dim with their age
but we notice their twinkle most in the darkest light.

Yet I can't help but be enthralled by their glow,
finding beauty in their delicate distance,
a colossal call to capture coexistence
and to cling onto the radiance we already know.

Because in reality they are just balls of gas
burning in some place unbeknownst to us
and we ourselves are just life that overdoes
introspection on our atmosphere's astonishing impasse.

So let us see things for how they truly are
and not place pedestals for a pleasantry so plain,
when you view beauty as a reality mundane
you will start seeing a star as just a star.

Lost. In Thought

I've heard this before.
I've seen this before.
I love you.
What's your name?
My feet know this path.
My eyes know this horizon.
I'm lost.
I've found my home.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lover Nature

The clouds open to reveal your resplendent stars.
It is morning, but the pure moon smiles on
assuring me that warmth will come
to rinse my dew-filled eyes with glowing sunrise,
and as my alarm chirps a wake-up call
I feel incredibly blessed
to wake up beside my lover; Nature.

Friday, 12 April 2013

That Weakened Feeling

That weakened feeling has hit again;
thank God it's f-forgettable.
Decisions between dreary isolation
or desperate destitution,
if only there was a clear-cut solution
I could not count regrettable.

I'm tired of how I have spent my time
and I'm tired and spent again...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Aviary Heart

Little bird,
do you call out to me
in delight or distress?
Little bird,
am I just a garden tree
or are my arms your nest?
Little bird,
am I the target of your beauty's call
or caught in a collateral bliss?
Little bird,
do you fly to avoid the fall
or to gift my skies your kiss?