Monday, 1 August 2016

Compiled Details

As knowledge piles up in the brain
like a catalogue of sand
I wonder how it can conjure up
the meaningfulness of it all.
So many books, so many articles,
videos of album reviews lauded as classics
and the crawling through the criterion list.
Shapes noticed in marble tiles while
waiting in hospitals
and magazines in dentist offices.
Where does it all congregate and dance
and reconcile itself.
Surely not beneath the skull alone;
deeper in space it meets and gains
There the matrices of experience and memory
and data sit at the table and indulge
in the same bitter stimulant
and laugh about it all
and here is significance gained?
The question itself is laughed away
as an interstellar breeze grazes the skin
of our star-spangled astral bodies
in the café of Jung's darkest abstraction.

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