Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dog at the Theatre (A Variance of Light)

Has there been a change in light
or have I just noticed your flaws?
The rays that break through the blinds
expose the state of your paws.

The clouds have opened like curtains
with the first act set to start.
The tale to put your tail between your leg
and I hope it's only the curtains set to part.

There's a wound you keep on licking
and put on display with pride.
I too have an ailment
but one that I'd rather hide.

Yet all you know is to whine and cry
not telling me what is wrong.
I try to second guess the story
from the tone of your song.

So I ask you to lie in your bed,
my voice stern yet with tact.
I calmly caress the crevice of your skull
and prepare you for the final act.

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