Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I Miss

I miss
the subtle rise and fall
of your back as you
inhale                      —                      exhale;
your lungs gently cradling
the oxygen that lulls
you to sleep.

I miss
being able to tuck your tangles
of hair behind your ears
my 'tips                      —                      touching;
gliding gently down your spine
then returning
to your skull.

I miss
the strand of stringed saliva
that slowly dances
from lips                                            to cheek;
as your open mouth
and your tight eyes
paint you in peace.

I miss
the confusion on your face
as your exhalation wakes
your dream                      —                      huh;
as you groggily ask
what has happened and
I giggle.

I miss
your sleepy protests as
the banshee alarm
blares                      —                      alerts;
it demands for us to greet
a new day and you demand
five more minutes.

I miss
the subconscious roll
towards my icy side of the bed
arms stretched                      —                      grasping;
pulling me closer as your
half-alert lips curl
into a contented smile.

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