Thursday, 29 March 2012


I am needy like a beggar with his arms outstretched,
cupping his hands to gather your change.
I am needy to have faith in the most far-fetched
even when I know they are out of my range.
A beggar only begs because he is lacking
in not only finance but also in pride.
He sits in the gutter not because he is slacking
but because it is the best place for him to hide.
When someone throws their money in my direction
I can't help but hold onto the hope
that society may still have some sort of affection
to ensure that someone of poor fortune may cope.
But should I accept I would grow in my greed
and deep down I know I should decline,
for the only thing I ever really need
is something I can already call mine.

It takes all my strength
to keep you at arms length
and this beggar will stretch out his arm,
not to accept
but for his pride to be kept
safely away from taking harm.

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