Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Living is a Challenge (Challenge Living)

Everything is so forced and false
set by routines standardized by the equally superficial past
which in turn is tired standards based upon prior customs,
an inheritance of manner taken on without any real thought.
Is passing down a curse really imparting wisdom
when it is webbed in a wealth of woe?
Leave your ideologies to rot with your decomposing corpse
and let me earn my own faiths and feelings as I see fit.

It all seems to move in waves, and circulates an ocean full of water
which has not the initiative to defy the moon
and sweep the shores in its own style,
letting each droplet get its chance to shine.
Instead we get the same recycled rinse
regurgitated every score, until the latest arrival
is dried up by the grainy landscape.

The songs on the radio all the same structure
with rapped verses conveyed in an overconfident drawl
which build up to the chorus, usually sang by a female,
pleasant enough to the ear but drab and uninspired.
All articulated over tinny drum cycles,
which sound like the cogs of the producer's brain warming up.

Period revival in a sycophantic plagiarism, 
or post-modernism in forced contrarianism;
even originality has lost its originality.
Your forms' structures are too rigid for you to convey
those feelings which your mind is told it feels
but your oh-so-trendy free verse has no identity.
And admittedly, even these words are guided
by history's idea of how words should be.

All the religious people in the world
apply unfounded faith into a notion that defies the science
which has been eaten up just as blindly as Eden's fruit,
but the modern day faith has slowly been dwindling and dying
whilst more people apply their trust in other concepts.
I'm not saying that the preachers are right,
but who are atheists to say that they are wrong
when they follow the 'facts' of a textbook like a bible
and don't go out to meet their own maker, whether super or natural?

More faith still seems to go into that absurd notion of 'love'
which is felt because we are told we feel it,
just as we speak in the language we are born into
but could quite as easily used another tongue,
and I have yet to feel the evidence of that eternal flame
but have felt many singes from brief flickers,
the pain I both feel and accept because I am taught
it is part of the process to finding that holy grail.

Is anything we're taught real? This can't be all there is to life,
when invention is an ever present keystone to the world
will there ever be a limit to what we are capable of,
and if so is this limit defined by nature's capabilities or our own?

I want to live on the forefront of history
and make no sense whatsoever, acting in such an outlandish manner
it might just become normality,
because this ordinary life seems alien to me
and I just can't readily accept every experience without reflection
and challenging reality.

IhmsIhtw! NiaqhaIwhothfalail, alatial. Ii?

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