Thursday, 8 March 2012

Perceptions and Perspective

Perspective changes perceptions,
angles can humanize angels,
but they can also hide deceptions
and provide misconceptions
about the world's distorted truth.

Looking at horizons from above
makes all you know seem so small,
and so you question what you love
and you feel the need to move and shove
away the landscape you know so well.

Looking at horizons from below
makes all you know seem so out of reach,
and so you question if you really know
how to reach the Sun's bright glow
without burning your stretched fingers.

Looking at horizons from afar
makes all you know seem to be in place,
but you still question why you are
not clutching on to your favourite star
and have that perfection within your grasp.

Perceptions change perspective
so view the world in a rose tinted hue
for our beauty is subjective
but its happiness is infective
and will shine onto us in the most flattering light.

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