Saturday, 31 March 2012

Efficiency or Enjoyment?

I am rambling towards a destination,
full of determination but lacking in direction.
Each time I set off I am full of faith
that the path will lead me towards where I want to be,
and although all signs seem to lead to that goal
and my journey is filled with delectation and promise,
the purpose always seems to be lost along the way
and I end up further than where I started.
I then resent the path for misleading me
despite deep down knowing that it is my own two feet
which lead me to my outcomes; those two feet I must stand on.
I should remember that a path is just a path.
Perhaps I will start taking the longest route
and appreciate the beauty out there
rather than being blinded by own intentions.

I still don't know whether to look
for the most efficient path
from point A to point B
or the most enjoyable,
and so I find myself
dithering between the two.

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